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Weaving from textured fabrics in creme, brown and pink
A Celebration of the Season Four Contemporary Artists, Alperin, Breunig, Drabkin, Somosi May 13 - July 2, 2021
table top still life of abstract objects in a brown round frame
Contours of Abstraction
“We are cluttered with images, and only abstract art can bring us to the threshold of the divine.” ― Dominique De Menil May 13 - July 2, 2021
abstract view of Dogtown Commons on the northshore of Boston
Artists on Art: Beyond the Tangible
“Abstraction allows man to see with his mind what he cannot see physically with his eyes... Abstract art enables the artist to perceive beyond the tangible, to extract the infinite out of the finite. It is the emancipation of the mind. It is an exploration into unknown areas.” ― Arshile Gorky January 4 – 31, 2021